Citizen Charter

Citizen Charter

This Charter is a commitment of the Land & Development Office to its lessees in Administering, Nazul Leases, Rehabilitation Leases or Lands in Delhi and in the matter of Sale/Transfer/Mutation/Substitution/Mortgage, and Freehold permissions. (The privity of contract in terms of the lease is between the "Lessee" (Government Departments, Public Undertakings, Companies, Institutions and Private Persons etc. and the "Lessor" L&DO).

The L&DO further commits that it will provide information on

  • The organisational structure of the office, it hierarchy and names of all its officers right down to sectional head level in all its office.
  • The procedure to be followed, the forms to be filled and other requirements in respect of various transactions.
  • Application form for conversion of properties into freehold through brochures which would be sold in notified branches of the State Bank of India.
  • Sale permission, mutation, substitution etc. through a printed brochure entitled " information for the Guidance.
  • Of Lease Holders" through Information and Facilitation Centre to be opened in all offices of the L&DO.
  • How and to whom applications are to be made for various purposes. (The PRO and the respective Branch officers will provide necessary assistance in this regard).

The L&DO will ensure quality of service by

  • Intimating the Lessees any change in the procedure or policy by a Public Notice in the press and also through prominent display of such information on the Notice Boards in the office and in the Information Facilitation Centre.
  • Disposal of applications on conversion sale permission, mutation, substitution etc., within a period of three months from the date of receipt of the information and other papers submitted by the lessee are in order.
  • Giving clear indication of the charges demanded for breach of terms of the lease e.g. unauthorised construction etc. along with full details, which should be payable within 30 days of the date of receipt of demand by the lessee.

And if things go wrong,

  • Detailed information regarding the grievance redressal procedure as also names, addresses and telephone numbers of the designated Grievance Redressal Officers, will be displayed on Notice Board of the office as well as at the Information Facilitation Centre.
  • All grievances, and complaints will be acknowledged immediately and in any case within 7 days and a speaking reply given to the lessee within 30 days.

In return the L&DO would expect all its lessees

  • To scrupulously follow the provisions of the Lease Deed both in letter and spirit.
  • To make timely payments of ground rents etc., as stipulated in the Lease Deed, Agreement to Lease etc.
  • To cooperate with the lessor in the smooth conduct of inspection of the property if so required and not to avoid such inspection.
  • Not to build any unauthorised construction in the leased property.
  • Not to put lease property to any use other than the one specified in the Lease Deed.
  • To make constructive suggestions for the improvement of this Charter, to

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